Get Informed, Save Money, And Make A Smart Choice

Welcome to Smarter Door & Window.  My name is Neil Bianco and I would like to introduce you to a company that not only offers high quality products at very affordable prices, but is genuinely here to help you make a wise investment regardless of the company you choose to do business with.

There are plenty of companies out there that offer a variety of products. Some are better than others. Some have different features. Some may be just right for your situation, while others may not deliver exactly what you need.

Consider these questions – How long do you plan on living in your home? How important is style to you? Will this improvement increase the value of your home? How much energy efficiency do you need? Does it make sense for you to invest in upgrades to your replacement windows – regarding energy efficiency and/or style? How important is security to you? Do you know if you should purchase a new construction steel door or a steel replacement door?

Not every home owner has the same situation, but every home owner does need to address their situation when purchasing a home improvement.

Here's the thing……

Most companies come to your home, give you a presentation, and tell you why their product is the best and why you should choose them.  That's all fine, but most companies do not find out about your specific situation and recommend the product (or type/level of product) that best suits your needs.  Does a steel storm door suit you better than an aluminum one?  Would a fiberglass entry door meet your needs better than a steel entry door?  Would triple pane glass work better than double pane in your vinyl replacement window?

These are things you should know BEFORE making your purchase.

Smarter Door And Window is here to fill this need.  I believe that offering as much value and assistance as possible to help you make an outstanding purchase, combined with high quality products and precise, professional installations will help us create a long lasting business.

Our website is a work in progress as we continue to add content of value to consumers.  Check back often as we add videos, articles, new specials, and much more.

I hope you enjoy your time here.  I am happy to serve you!